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Music lessons to meet your needs


Structured lessons for each level

Music Training

Design and deliver music training programs using various technologies such as Garage Band to help students stay engaged, positive, and creative.

Live Virtual Group

Facilitate live virtual group jam sessions using Zoom and JamKazam to connect with the music community around the world, successfully helping 50+ students find their appreciation for music and creativity

Different Musical Instruments

Deliver training on four different musical instruments per student, ranging from beginner to professional levels, while organizing 25+ small- to large-scale live music concerts to showcase newly learned skills

Incorporate Rhythms and Melodies

Promote Diversity & Inclusion to all students by developing learning curriculums that incorporate rhythms and melodies from various cultures (i.e., bossa nova, Hindi beats), resulting in increasing student engagement by 40%+

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What's My Motto

"Jam with one another is a great way to musically express yourself"

ā€” Ferdinand Fernando


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What They Say

Haru Nishio

They have unique programs where my kid learns how to be creative in music. Most importantly the lead instructor emphasizes the importance of appreciating different cultures and styles in music.


Shannon Higgoda

School of Jam have wonderful and knowledgeable instructors. They are very passionate about motivating students on always improving themselves by applying the basic fundamentals of music.


Andrew Lim

The school not only teaches the kid how to learn play the instrument. But to build relationships with other peers when it comes to forming a band and playing on stage at different venues.


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