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"Jam with one another is a great way to musically express yourself".

— Ferdinand Fernando

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School of Jam started out as a traditional piano teaching academy. But now has evolved into a more diverse and multicultural institution. We now teach various instruments starting from piano to saxophone, drums, lead and bass guitar and many more. We also have expanded to all different genres of music i.e. RocknRoll, Hard rock, Pop, Classical, Smooth Jazz and more. Even on the rhythms we are introducing the variation of Eastern beats to students. What also makes us unique is our creative, virtual learning courses that strives to make lessons more fun and engaging for students of any age.

Our Mission

Create and deliver quality music lessons to students so that they stay motivated to learn the instrument and gain the musical knowledge needed for their music career path. At School of Jam We like to instill our motto “Jam with one another” as a positive and encouraging way when jamming with their peers. So that they may form long lasting friendships whether its inside or outside of our institution.

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